In our company you can purchase automobiles directly from Japanese Auctions and stock. Cars sold on Auctions are checked and examined by professional mechanics and it guarantees quality of the car you purchase. You do not take risks of purchasing cars from black dealers, you purchase car for yourself, you choose additional options, condition and optimal price. Auction guarantees you will get the high-quality vehicle at reasonable price.

All dealers and companies in Japan purchase cars from Live Auctions. It is there, where you can buy cars and machinery at cheapest price. If you wish to purchase car at a fixed price, you should check Auto Stocks of Japan. We provide direct access to USS, IAUC, ASNET, CAA, JU, TAA and all others. We are full members in each and every auction, and so we shall supply you with the best product at lowest commission. We provide direct access to all Auctions and Stock Online 24/7 ! For registered members.

The car is delivered to the port to be shipped to your country (Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka). We may also book a container and ship cars and machinery directly to your country or port you instruct us. We provide cheapest inland delivery fees and fast transportation for our customers to save their time and money.


The scheme of purchase is very simple and easy. You contact us, make 100% refundable deposit, get full access to our system, check and look for the cars (we provide free translation if necessary), you bid, buy car, make payment, and goods are shipped to you!


We do not Charge 8% VAT! We have Cheapest Inland Delivery!!

We offer 2 schemes of purchase. The first, TRANSPARENT SCHEME, includes all real costs (car price, auction commission, inland delivery, company commission), freight to be paid separately. The second, SIMPLE SCHEME, includes only Car Price and fixed commission of 65.000 JPY (it includes all costs and our commission, for standard cars, excepting Hokkaido and Kyushyu isles which goes for plus 10.000 JPY only).

 «TRANSPARENT SCHEME» — Commission starts at 15.000 JPY, plus all real costs. You can confirm this commission structure on the following picture:


«SIMPLE SHEME» — Purchase price plus 65.000 JPY. This commission includes all costs bared in Japan and our commission. This scheme is simple and easy to work with! You will pay only Car Price, Commission and Freight (in case of freight collected, you will pay it in your country, only document and stevedore fee shall be paid in Japan).


We export heavy machinery, crane arms (tadano, unic etc), forlifts, excavators and relevant parts worldwide. Our customers choose us due to low commissions and real Japanese Service.

When you purchase heavy machinery in our company you will get:

— The very exact goods you want to get. You shall choose what you want from the thousands of machines displayed on online auctions every week.

– You will avoid fraud and increase I price. You will buy at lowest possible price in Japan. There is no way you can purchase cars and machinery at lower price. And you will face no problems in export as goods displayed on auctions are 100% legal and checked by specialists.



Container Transportation – The best way to send Heavy Machinery

The easiest and safest way to send heavy machinery is to use containers. This is the best price efficient solution if you want to send crane arms, forklifts, excavators and tractors. You are 100% protected from risks of transportation. Heavy Machinery is protected by steel box and not a single scratch shall touch you goods.

Main Heavy equipment Auctions: ARAI, ISUZU UMAX.

Arai Oyama is the biggest and most respected auction with high standards. Each week more than 10.000 buyers participate in this auction and purchase special machinery. More than 400.000 lots are displayed online every week. The other auctions in the Arai Group include Arai Bayside, Arai Sendai and Arai Fukuoka.

Isuzu U-max is another famous auction in Kobe city, where special equipment is being sold every week. This auction provides a wide range of makers and models of special purpose machinery, good prices and careful examination prior to auction. Our company provides you access to these auctions.

You can purchase drill equipped and crane equipped machinery by Kato and Nippon Shyaryou, heavy machinery by Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Tadano, KATO, IHI, excavators and forklifts, special machinery by Mitsubishi, Niigata, Sumitomo, Hanta, Sakai, Komatsu, Hitachi.