Earlybird Company does business with partners and customers from USA, UAE, China, England, Russia and NIS. We are a respected member of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce from 2001.

Our philosophy states that our customers are most important priority in our business. And our customers’ trust is our main and most valuable asset, which helps us to go further and fulfill our mission in constantly changing world. We respect our customers and partners and we are always ready to meet you halfway. We are a reliable partner who offers Japanese service and quality, and serves to customers worldwide.

Our established company makes business in more than 20 countries. We deal in import and export and we supply Japanese quality goods worldwide. We also act like trade agents in Japan, providing our partners with the access to Japanese Market.

Our company offers:

— Cars from Auctions and Stock. Direct Access. Easy and simple schemes of purchase.

— Heavy Machinery from auctions and makers directly.

— Parts and Japanese Goods.

— Dismantling to Container and worldwide shipping.

— Spare Parts, Wheels, All and every product from Japan – delivered to your door!

Our company exports heavy equipment and cars to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, USA, Russia, NIS countries etc, Our export geography covers more than 20 countries as per 2015. We deal with more than 200 companies, more than 3000 customers choose our company!

Figure 1. Customer Geography 2001 — 2015



Our company is a team of professionals working in the industry for more than 15 years. Our main priority is customer’s satisfaction. We offer our customers the following advantages:

— You save money. We offer lowest commissions in the industry. Our experience and business contacts allow us to keep costs low and offer you competitive prices.

— You avoid risks. Our reputation and 15 years of work in Japan makes you feel sure you will not face any difficulties and problems. Our suppliers are reliable big companies. Our logistic team works day and night and transportation process runs like clockwork.

— You Save Your time. Our specialists have a long experience and thousands satisfied customers. Our competency and vast knowledge guarantee minimal time required to process your order.

— You will get long-lasting mutually beneficial business relations. Each customer is our valuable partner. We have worked for many years with many of our customers. Your trust and satisfaction is our biggest priority.