We offer 2 basic schemes of work for Yahoo Japan:


  1. For Bulk Customers and Business Partners.

If you purchase more than 10 lots per month, you shall be granted with personal account on Yahoo Japan. You will be able to access Yahoo 24 hours 7 days a week, anywhere and anytime. You will buy goods, and earn reputation. It shall be your personal account! You will also receive a personal manager who shall consult you, should you have any questions. Here are the main advantages of having personal account on Yahoo:

– You can access system 24 hours 7 days a week.

– You can ask questions and check answers anytime, using translation software.

– You will have personal account with your reputation.

– You will see what seller writes to our company, what we write the seller, and you shall have full control on every deal.

If you have personal account you will not have to prepay your bids. You will pay the outstanding balance once a week. By bank transfer or credit card – whatever you prefer. It is simple and very easy system for bulk customers.

  1. For Customers who purchase less then 10 items per moth.

We shall ask to make a deposit for the sum of order plus our commission. Payment may be done by bankcard, Paypal balance or Bank transfer. You shall be sent a link to pay, we shall purchase the item at your command and send goods to your address to any country. EMS shall reach Asia in 304 days, Europe and USA in 5-6 days only.

In case you wish to buy goods from online store, just send us a link, pay deposit, we shall get goods to our warehouse, ask you to make second payment for delivery fee, after this we shall ship the goods. It is easy and simple.

You are also 100% protected by Paypal Guarantees! 100% Money Back guaranteed!



In order to take part in Yahoo Auction you must live in Japan and have a bank account registered in this country. Communication with the seller are in Japanese only. We offer support service so our customer could take part in this auction.

Auction starts from Start Price. The one who offers the best price shall win the bid. Please pay attention that you need to indicate the maximum price you are willing to pay. Some goods have Instant Purchase price, if you pay this price you will get goods the moment you offer that price.

You can ask questions using our managers. Please indicate a link or lot number and specify what you would like to ask the seller about. Sellers do not always answer the questions. They answer in 70% of cases.

Here is the best seller ranking of Japanese Goods:

— Audio Devices
— Spare Parts
— Computers and digital devices
— Japanese cosmetics
— Music instruments
— Brand Clothes
— Souvenirs
— Photo cameras