Yahoo Japan is the biggest online Auction in Japan. Millions of goods are sold here every month. The annual revenue of this auction amount is 6 billion dollars. You can find almost everything here, and we shall help you to purchase it and deliver it to your door as fast as possible!

You can purchase variety of goods – the most popular goods at the moment include brand clothes and accessories at low prices, spare parts for Japanese cars, baby goods etc. Pay attention, that more than half of products displayed on Yahoo Japan are sold by official shops with guarantees at low price. These shops have official licenses, they sell brand-new goods and products, but as they sell online, they keep costs low and can supply goods at lower prices.


YOU MAY USE OUR SYSTEM – to check products available on Yahoo! Japan.


Please use our system to find the goods you want to purchase. Make deposits using your credit card or Bank Payment  (You can find the goods you want in our ONLINE SYSTEM) and you will get your goods shipped right to your door. You may place orders directly from our system’s order form.The scheme of order is as shown below:


When you purchase goods from Yahoo Japan, you shall be charged the following expenses:

1 Purchase price

2, Inland Delivery (usually indicated, 300 — 1500 JPY for small items)

3, Domestic Bank transfer fee 

4, Our Commission

5 International Delivery (JAPAN POST FEE shall apply).

The payment made by credit card or Paypal is subject to System Commision. Once you pay bu credit card, you shall be charged 5% of the total amount of the order. Please bare this in mind. Inland delivery is not always indicated in the description of the product. Also, EMS delivery fee shall only be confirmed once we get your parcel at our warehouse, as we need to weight it prior to shipping. That is why, we charge 2 payments – The 1st payment is product price with our commission fee. The second payment is inland delivery and international delivery.


Lets check the example. Suppose, you purchased light goods (weight with package is less than 300 gr) with the price of 10.000 JPY, EMS Delivery to Europe. Payment was made by bank card.

Price of Goods 10.000 JPY

Our Commission 500 JPY

Bank fee 420 JPY





Yahoo Japan is not the only place where you can purchase goods. There are thousands of online stores in Japan and you may purchase goods from any of those stores. Just send us a link with the product you want to purchase, we shall send you a link to pay, and you will get your goods shipped to your door directly from Japan.


Shop in Japan sitting At Home! Goods from Japan delivered to your Door! 



In order to take part in Yahoo Auction you must live in Japan and have a bank account registered in this country. Communication with the seller are in Japanese only. We offer support service so our customer could take part in this auction.

Auction starts from Start Price. The one who offers the best price shall win the bid. Please pay attention that you need to indicate the maximum price you are willing to pay. Some goods have Instant Purchase price, if you pay this price you will get goods the moment you offer that price.

You can ask questions using our managers. Please indicate a link or lot number and specify what you would like to ask the seller about. Sellers do not always answer the questions. They answer in 70% of cases.

Here is the best seller ranking of Japanese Goods:

— Audio Devices
— Spare Parts
— Computers and digital devices
— Japanese cosmetics
— Music instruments
— Brand Clothes
— Souvenirs
— Photo cameras